Saturday, November 3, 2007

56th Street Fish Market Closes

Sadly it's true, the 56th Street Fish Market sunk under the mismanagement of Bill Easton. Apparently his claims to Indianapolis Monthly of no illegal misrepresentation of funds in the operation, spending the money as he saw fit, restocking less frequently to reduce overhead, and no intention of closing 56th Street Fish Market turned out to be "fishy". The Caplinger's charges of Easton's illegal misrepresentation of funds and deceptive bogus billing from his now collapsed wholesale company Midwest Seafood, Inc. now appear to be far more believable than Easton's claim that the Caplinger's charges as just bitter recriminations of associates scorned.

56th Street Fish Market thrived and became Indy's premier seafood destination under the management of Nick Caplinger. With extensive seafood knowledge and dedicated customer care the Caplingers and their team members built a loyal following. After confronting Easton in January of 2006, Easton, as the majority owner, withheld Caplinger's pay, locked him out of the business, and terminated his daily management duties in an effort to silence Caplinger. Shortly after Caplinger's forced departure of his daily management, 56th Street Fish Market began it's downward spiral under Easton's leadership. Easton's daily hands on management was short lived and the Market was left to flounder. Many concerns began to surface regarding the quality, cleanliness, service and dependability at 56th Street Fish Market. For those who regularly visited the once bustling fish market the decline was obvious and sad to watch. With the closing of 56th Street Fish Market one can only surmise that without the right captain the ship was destined to sink.